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About Us

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Ophsurin has been established in China since 2011. We are known as a leading professional manufacturer of the ophthalmic microsurgical instruments. Ophsurin grows continually and with the certificates of ISO 13485 and CE, our instruments are well received by the whole world.

Ophsurin’s instruments include two series, the single-use stainless steel ophthalmic instruments and the reusable ones both in stainless steel and titanium material, which have reached up to more than 600 kinds. Our instruments are meticulous designed, skillfully produced and in absolute precision. With the skilled and professional technicians & workers and the sufficient facilities, Ophsurin is the top company that has the capability to supply the bulk orders, especially for the single use instruments, in a short leading time, but at a low price, in China. We also have the ability to develop new products and to meet the customer needs and requirements.

Ophsurin welcome all of you to visit our factories and we sincerely welcome the challenge to integrate your innovative idea with our unique manufacturing expertise. We look forward to working together with you in the ophthalmic community through out the world.

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