Currently on the market there are a lot of home medical equipment, if I want to buy should pay attention to what?

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   A look: at the time of purchase, consumers should carefully check whether the operating unit has the medical device business license, do not buy units or non operating license.  Second, check: at the time of purchase, consumers should carefully check the product related information, such as printed on the packaging production enterprise licence number, product registration certificate number, with product packaging product specification and quality certificate.
  Q: some medical products must be used under the guidance of a doctor to buy, at the time of purchase should be asked in detail about the product usage, cautions and contraindications, mechanism of action, to prevent misuse.
  Four request for the invoice: consumers must obtain a purchase invoice. 
  Once found units operating without license or question the quality of the products should be in a timely manner to the food and drug supervision and management departments of complaints.